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See what Pontoon & Deck Boat Magazine calls the “Best built pontoon in the United States” Since 1960 Aloha Pontoons has made the best built pontoons in the south.

Our longevity since 1960 has allowed our company to lead the pontoon industry with many important innovations throughout the years. We have earned a reputation for “Design Uniqueness”. We were the first company to build an upper sundeck and the first to build a sun cushion enclosure over the outboard engine and fuel compartments, a huge innovation at the time. This design is now found on virtually all of our competitor’s pontoon boats.

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Best Built Pontoons in the United States
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Best built pontoon in the United States

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Aloha Pontoons Best Built In U.S.

We build the best pontoon boat in the United States. It takes time to produce a superior product. Our designs, quality and attention to detail including prompt service have paved the way in the pontoon boat industry since 1960.

Put your family on the best built pontoon boat in the United States!

Our design leadership and superior quality product has now become a new model year tradition. We have always demonstrated very prompt, friendly, and helpful service. We refer to it as “Southern Hospitality”. We receive many calls throughout the year for a small part needed on a vintage 1960’s model Aloha pontoon that now has its 3rd outboard engine installed on it. These are some of the reasons we have been fortunate enough to hold the honor of being the oldest pontoon builder in the south and one of the oldest pontoon manufacturers in the United States.

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